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The Anglo Professional

Nuestros testimonios

The design of key strategic programmes and scholarships has challenged us to find new ways of working and thinking to make a positive difference to students' lives.

Eduardo Felipe Cruz
Senior Commercial Manager Commercial & Development The Anglo Foundation

Studying at The Anglo was a gratifying experience, and I gained a lot of knowledge. The teachers were always willing to answer my, and my classmates' questions, and the courses were highly engaging. Additionally, I secured a document certifying my international language proficiency, which I will soon use in my profession.

Ana Paola Ruíz
2022-2023 FBBVA-TAMF Fellow

Thanks to The Anglo Mexican Foundation for supporting the arts; thanks to The Anglo teachers and students. Thanks for joining us!

Ceci Bastida

Thanks to technological transformation, we have been able to go beyond what we thought was possible.

María del Carmen González
The Anglo Academy Director

The Orienta PAE service underlined the Foundation's commitment to us, the staff, at a time of uncertainty. In my case, the remote emotional, veterinary and nutritional support was crucial to my mental health.


Shakespeare Sinfonia was a fantastic project. It was an excellent means of cross-cultural and international collaboration at a difficult time, allowing students to easily access advice from international professionals each week easily.

Daniel Pini
Alumno de la Escuela de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Panamericana

Thanks to The Anglo Mexican Foundation, I was part of a three-week programme in London after winning first place in the Shakespeare 2023 Competition. During my stay, I participated in various activities centred on Shakespeare. Thanks to TAMF and the British American Drama Academy for this experience, which I will cherish forever!

Natalia Esquivel
1st place winner, Shakespeare Competition 2023

Thanks to Anglo Arts, I was able to participate in the American Shakespeare Camp in Virginia, a three-week camp that has been an unforgettable experience. Performing Shakespeare and participating in Shakespearean theatre is unique from any other type of theatre, notably because the fourth wall is broken…

Marcos Barbiux
2nd place winner, Shakespeare Competition 2022

The team is a rich mix of experience, talent and adaptability, an engine driven by heart, conviction, knowledge and skill.

Gaby Rossana Gonzáles
Senior Academic Services Manager, The Anglo Academy

Our work over 20 + years with Anglo Arts has continued to flourish and thrive, most recently as co-commissioners of Kathy Hinde’s Earthquake Mass Re-imagined. The past two years have been, without doubt, a highlight of this wonderful collaboration.

Cathie Boyd
Cathie Boyd, Founder & Artistic Director of Cryptic Glasgow.

Thanks to The Anglo Foundation, I have had an amazing experience, gained a great deal of knowledge, and formed friendships that will endure forever.

Valeria Fonseca
1st place winner, The Anglo-ESU Public Speaking Competition 2023