are just the beginning…

…of being the bridge of cultural
exchange between Mexico and UK...

…of education as a means
to transform people's lives…

…of art to awaken the
soul, sensitivity and love...

Eventos y Notas de Prensa

The Anglo Foundation announces change of visual identity for its 80th Anniversary

Convergent and Divergent Thinking in the ELT Classroom

Celebrating 80 years of The Anglo

The Anglo Mexican Foundation, 80 years transforming lives through education and culture

8 decades of transforming lives

Make it possible for your kids to achieve their goals


Durante 80 años, The Anglo ha transformado la vida de personas e instituciones a través de sus diversas actividades: educación, arte y cultura. Queremos contar nuestra historia a través de las personas que han formado parte de nosotros: alumnos, colaboradores, familias, maestros, aliados, etc.

There is nothing more important to me than educating people. Whether it's through language, through school, or through degrees, all of it comes to support individuals not only in their academic or professional development but also in their personal growth.

Simon Brewster
Chief Academic Officer

Today I can tell you two very important words: security and confidence. That's what schools seek, and The Anglo provides it to us.

Jacobo Cortes
Director Académico, Centro de Preparación IMPA

What we do is provide opportunities and help people fulfill their dreams.

Mar Nava
Representante The Anglo Assessment

We have found great quality not only in the professors but also in the commercial contact we have. The team that serves us is wonderful, both in the quality of their service and in the objectivity with which they provide it.

Jaime Valdés
Organizational Development - HR Business Advisor

The teachers I had the pleasure of learning from definitely left a lasting impression on me; they had a great impact on my life.

Sofía Morales
Egresada The Churchill School & College

Whether you're in sales, academia, or even in finance, we all work to contribute something to the education of this country, which is very important.

Victoria Terreros
Head of Quality Assurance

The Anglo is a good institution that not only takes care of the academic aspect but also ensures the well-being of the students and provides a quality service.

Junuen Mondragón
Product Developer, Exalumno y Maestro

The DNA of the Foundation is transformation and social benefit. The organization has existed from its origins to enhance the communities it is connected to, and that is its backbone. Therefore, everything the foundation does is social impact. Everyone who works here has a positive impact on the community because that is our raison d'être.

Jimena Lara
Chief Culture & Social Impact Officer

The Anglo Foundation has had a tremendous impact on my life, especially because it allowed me to demonstrate my English proficiency, creating a domino effect in my academic, professional, and personal life. It enabled me to travel, will allow me to study, and is currently allowing me to work. I believe that all of this, together, is allowing me to grow as a person, and I owe it all to the Foundation.

Danya Carolina Gómez Cantú
Beneficiaria The Anglo Foundation

At The Churchill School & College, we aim to shape students who are resilient, self-assured, compassionate, and have a strong sense of social consciousness.

Tere Guevara
Directora General, The Churchill School & College

A life can be transformed through art and all artistic expressions. Since those visionaries created it in 1943, they knew that the most genuine way to connect two nations was through cultural exchange and the intersection of knowledge through art and culture.

Rosa María Meza
Gerente, The Anglo Arts and Culture

I hope that The Anglo Foundation is always here to fulfill its mission, to improve the lives of the people who come in contact with us.

Niall Lloyd
Chief Commercial and Development Officer

We create exceptional development opportunities for students. I believe that responsibility is immense.

Gaby Gonzáles Fukazawa
Senior Online Centre Manager

Nuestros aliados son parte de la celebración

Congratulations from our ally NILE

Congratulations from the University of Buckingham in London